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did u know ur earlobes are the same distance apart as ur nipples goodnight

Don’t just change my life with unsettling facts then walk away, you slut.

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Any basic bitch can take her clothes off and flaunt her body for money. It takes a bad bitch to get a college education and handle her own.

I think your post about strippers being basic bitches who can’t “handle their shit” or get college degrees is slut-shaming bullshit and not only is it entirely inaccurate, but completely unnecessary. FOR EXAMPLE, I’m a stripper who is paying for her college by “flaunting her body” and not only do I love my job, but I make more money than you, I have less debt than you, and I likely have a higher GPA than you. OH, and I almost just got a perfect score on my GRE verbal, so you can put that in the bank, too. And when I have my master’s degree and I’m not still living with my parents, we can see who’s the basic bitch then. 


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it’s illegal to not reblog this

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